Front PageJoin us as we hold the International Water Association (IWA)’s inaugural conference in Kathmandu, Nepal on “Sustainable Wastewater Treatment and Resource Recovery”. The theme, sustainable wastewater and resource recovery, provides for a critical and timely forum for bringing together scholars, leaders, and practitioners to discuss research and practice impacting wastewater sustainability. The conference is supported by two IWA specialist groups: Nutrient Removal and Recovery, and Resource Oriented Sanitation.

Learn more about the conference by following the menu items at the top. As the conference draws closer, more detailed information will be posted and updated. We look forward to welcoming you in exotic Kathmandu for this exciting conference!

To meet environmental challenges of the future in a sustainable way, wastewater must be acknowledged as a renewable resource for water, energy, nutrients and other materials. As the water sector looks to face the new challenges with innovative solutions that protect the environment, public health, and global sustainability, minimizing use of resources and maximizing the recovery of resources from wastewater is destined to become the focal point.

Stringent permits in developed countries and resource constraints (especially electric power and chemicals) in developing countries demand energy-neutral wastewater treatment and resource recovery where practicable. There are already many innovative approaches and technologies that are adapted for the urban environment, which often requires intensified treatment. While these forms of treatment are becoming important everywhere, they are critical for resource scarce urban centers in the world.

The Himalayas contain the world’s largest non-polar ice masses, the source of water for over 20% of the earth’s population. These populations are urbanizing rapidly in large centers in South Asia, South East Asia and China. Therefore, better approaches for urban water resource management have become critical as these waters are increasingly threatened. This is a timely first IWA conference in Nepal, a wondrous country that sits upon some of the most important water reserves in the world.